Mission The INTX Lab provides a secure satellite-enabled, live, interactive media network developed for environments with limited communications infrastructures. Our customizable solution increases the immediacy and quality of interaction between online participants and mobile, field-based content providers. INTX technology enables content providers to go anywhere, anytime and allows them to control and facilitate the distribution of authentic, time-sensitive data. The Value of Collaborative On-Location Learning Students usually learn about distant cultures and places by reading a book, watching a video, or by researching the subject online. While these methods are great for communicating facts, they do not provide the direct, hands-on experiences that create true cultural understanding and first-hand knowledge. At INTX Lab, we give students the unique opportunity to learn from teachers who are in the field at remote locations. During a live broadcast, students are able to participate and receive immediate, real time feedback from experts on location. Unlike a traditional live webcast which transmits one-way information, INTX Lab provides two-way communication in real time. As a result, students who cannot afford to travel around the world are able to have an immersive experience that comes much closer to real, hands-on learning. Instead of just absorbing media, students are able to take an active role in their educational experiences by participating directly in a live, interactive environment.

The INTX Lab at the University of Central Florida, directed by Phil Peters, is a partnership between UCF and Cobham.

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