Executive Team

PHIL PETERS [Executive Director] is an associate professor of Digital Media at the School of Visual Arts & Design at the University of Central Florida, Orlando FL. He holds a BA degree in design from Humboldt State University and a MFA degree in design from the University of Montana. Phil’s career as a film production designer and computer game producer/designer spans over twenty-five years. His designs include the Emmy winning series Northern Exposure and numerous other film and television projects in both the United States and Australia. His interactive projects include producing and designing The X-Files Interactive for Fox, MovieBeam for Disney, GameSilo for iBlast and Searchopolis by Secure Computing.

Utah: 2007; Bermuda: 2008; India: 2009; South Africa: 2010

ALEX J KATSAROS [Director of Education] is a PhD candidate in Texts & Technology at the University of Central Florida. His research interests include developing collaborative learning objects for many-to-many online mediated environments, location-based (or geocentric) multimedia learning, and human cognition research synthesis. Before joining the INTX Lab as Director of Education, his past productions included developing location-based multimedia components about “Orlando Cultural Byways” for display on the Transit-TV system aboard the public bus system. Alex also helped produce an online virtual tour of Orlando’s Leu Gardens, based on first-hand interviews with historians and botanical experts.

Bermuda: 2008; India: 2009; South Africa: 2010

DAVE PROVENCHER [Strategic Research Partner] Mr. Provencher’s professional experience spans several different areas in the telecommunications industry. He has been involved with antenna engineering, satellilte communications, marketing and executive management in several prestigious companies. Mr. Provencher is currently co-founder, President, officer and board member of TracStar Systems, Inc. His duties include overall operations management and marketing for the company. TracStar customers include the US Federal Government Departments of Homeland Security and Defense as well as State and Local public safety and law enforcement agencies. Commercially TracStar products serve the oil and gas, insurance, broadcast television and several other market sectors. Tracstar was acquired by Cobham, PLC in September of 2005 and is now branded Cobham SATCOM Land Systems. Under Mr. Provencher, TracStar has grown from $1M in sales in 2000 to $55M in annual sales in 2010. Mr. Provencher graduated from the University of Central Florida with an engineering degree in 1981.

Utah: 2007, Bermuda: 2008; India: 2009; South Africa: 2010

H. ADAM LENZ [Director of Technology] is a Visiting Instructor in the Department of Digital Media at the University of Central Florida. His research interests included creating various programmed video installations and applications for use in education, and artistic endeavors. As Director of Technology Adam over sees the development of all the software applications and the integration with various hardware systems to make up the frame work of the INTX Lab. His other interests include live visual performance, and video production for documentaries and short films.

Utah: 2007; Bermuda: 2008; India: 2009; South Africa: 2010



Jon Jones: Utah, 2007; Bermuda, 2008; India, 2009

John Nelson: Utah, 2007; Bermuda, 2008

Nathan Draluch: Utah, 2007

Jon Friskics: Bermuda, 2008

Amy Gionnotti: Bermuda, 2008

John Rife: Bermuda, 2008

Terrance Tysall: Bermuda, 2008

Dawn Borglund: India, 2009

Alex Carvallo: India, 2009



Maria Cerrone: India, 2009

Ruben Rogak: India, 2009

Dr. Rani Vajravelu: India, 2009

Jaime Byrne: South Africa, 2010

Janet Daugherty: South Africa, 2010

Dr. Rosalyn Howard: South Africa, 2010

Wendy Howard: South Africa, 2010

Dr. Bruce Janz: South Africa, 2010

Lauren Kramer: South Africa, 2010



Denise Lowe: South Africa, 2010

Dana Mott: South Africa, 2010

Victor Randle: South Africa, 2010

Chris Spears: South Africa, 2010

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Nannette Cherry: 2011

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Rashaad Rosalle: 2012

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